This package will expose you to fundamentals of Know Your Customers and the practical approach of how this exercise is carried out in practise.

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To become a regulatory Business Analyst is to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in some Specific Regulations as they affect the industry.

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implementing your fund’s investment strategy and managing its trading activities.

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Areas Of Expertise

Business Analyst Specialist

We come up with solutions to your business problems

KYC-Financial Compliance Specialist

We review your new customers documentation , evaluates high-risk accounts and analyses new customer possesses

Quality Assurance Specialist

We ensures that the your final product observes the government quality standards

GDPR Practitioner

We ensures that your organization is complying with the GDPR’s requirements

Experienced Forex Trading

We provide you with instructional or educational guides intended for retail forex trading 

Fund Manager

Help you implementing a fund’s investment strategy and managing its trading activities

Agency - Recruitment

We help professionals to secure their dream career roles.


MJM CONSULT (UK) LIMITED is a global UK-based recruitment consultant and career training company.
Established in 2014 with primary aim of helping individuals realise their professional/career dreams as well helping small/medium organisations meet their business/ stakeholders needs via our classrooms and/or Webinar Trainings including CV review/tailoring as well as consultancy/ professional and/or Subject Matter Expert (SME ) services for small/medium businesses

MJM CONSULT (UK) LIMITED provides industrial tailored career/ professional trainings, covering the following core professional fields: KYC-Compliance, Compliance/ Regulatory Change Business Analyst and Project Management ( Both at Portfolio, Programmes and Project levels).

MJM CONSULT (UK ) LIMITED simply makes you what employers are looking through our crash courses, after training mentoring as well as free CV review/ tailoring.

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