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MJM CONSULT (UK) LIMITED supports professionals in securing their dream career.
However, our services are geared towards two categories of clients:

  • Individual:
    We provide industrial tailored and very flexible Classroom/ webinar career / professional trainings, covering the following core professional fields: KYC-Compliance, Compliance/ Regulatory Change Business Analyst and Project Management ( Either at Portfolio, Programmes and Project levels).
  • Small/Medium Businesses/Organisations:
    We provide consultancy/ professional and/or Subject Matter Expert (SME ) services for small/medium businesses in order to help them meet the industry’s expectations (Regulatory demands) and stakeholders expectations.

This package will expose you to fundamentals of Know Your Customers and the practical approach of how this exercise is carried out in practise.

Also, we provide specialist training in other areas in Financial Compliance such as Transaction Monitoring, Anti Money Laundering ( AML ) and KYC for Brokerage and/or Oil and Gas Sector.

As part of this package, we also provide after training mentoring, interview guidance and free CV review service in order to make you exactly what recruiters are looking for.

To become a regulatory Business Analyst is to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in some Specific Regulations as they affect the industry.
Thus, we train you on Popular Regulations such as Market in Financial Instrument Directive (MiFID II), General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) amongst others within the regulatory compliance. Using a cutting hedge approach, we train you on a specific domain, Provide Interview Guidance and provide a free CV review/tailoring. Hence, make you a specialist in this field.

Our candidates from any of these fields become SME to organisation as they help businesses develop a Target Operating Model (TOM ) which enables an easy compliance and ensures continuity of business

We help professionals to secure their dream career roles.

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